A Treasury of British Folklore

A Treasury of British Folk Tales

  • Published in April 2018
  • National Trust
  • 204 pages
  • 9781911358398

An entertaining and engrossing collection of British customs, superstitions and legends past and present.

Discover a world of Cornish pixies and stone circles, of slumbering giants and shape-shifting river spirits, of feasting, straw bears and maypole dances. Learn how a green frog can be used to open locks, how hanging trousers from the foot of the bed can ward off fairy visits and why you shouldn’t get married in May.

Author Dee Dee Chainey is co-founder of #FolkloreThursday, a hugely successful online folklore magazine. In this book she reveals how Britain’s rich folklore still shapes our lives and where you can go to see it in action today.